Handmade, luxury custom drapes.

Your home is worth the investment in custom drapery. Draperies are classic window treatments that work with any decorating style; whatever you choose – drapery panels are an elegant solution.  Trading Places uses only heavyweight, high-quality, 54"-wide fabric – the foundation of a well-made custom drape.  

Your Custom Window Treatments Will Fit Perfectly

They're tailor-made for your windows; Your custom draperies will be created in our own sewing work room, and of course all of our products are 100% guaranteed. If there is a problem with your drapes we’ll fix them or remake them. Should you ever need them hemmed or altered in the future we can do that too.

Our Custom Draperies have Proper Fullness

Proper fullness is the key to a custom look. Most department store ready-made panels have only 1-1½ fullness. Ours are made with the right fullness for the chosen fabric.

Our Patterns Match

Your patterns will be matched up so there is a continuous flow of design across the window treatment. 

Choose Any Length You Want

Custom draperies can be made to any size, from short  to long (floor length) and longer (if you prefer puddling). If you have very large windows, we offer extra-long pleats for extra-tall draperies.

Drapery Linings Make All The Difference

The right drapery lining adds body, protects your fabrics — and makes your draperies look stunning.  We insist on quality linings because we know how quickly the sun can fade colour and damage fabric if unprotected. A high quality lining not only makes your drapery look and feel better, but it is also critical to ensuring your drapes will not fade or disintegrate from exposure to the sun. We offer several different types of linings and will help you select the one that's best for your home.

The Little Details Make Them Perfect

Our custom draperies feature 4-inch weighted double bottom hems and 1 to 1½-inch double side hems.

  • Double Side Hems: Double side hems not only look better but, because we are doubling the amount of fabric on each edge, double side hems will add years of life to your drape.
  • Double Bottom Hems: Another critical feature of quality drapes is a 4" Double Bottom Hem. Again, we double the amount of fabric at the bottom hem to add weight, fullness and a longer life.

Shop from Home … we can ship right to your door.

For drapery hardware, please allow 2-4 weeks for in-stock products.  We would be happy to provide you with a custom quote on any size drapery panel.  Just call one of our drapery experts at 905-815-1949

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