972816_28638247-Measuring Tape SMALLWe know this can appear to be a daunting task. The right rod placement for your drapes can enhance their display and the overall appeal of your room exponentially. No pressure, right?

Not today! Follow the simple rules below to find the ideal placement for your drapery and your room, every time.  All you need is a measuring tape and possibly a footstool or small ladder to measure from the top of your window moulding to your ceiling or the bottom of your crown moulding.

If you measured:

  • 12 inches or greater – hang at the mid-point
  • 12 inches or less – hang just below the ceiling or crown moulding 


  • Low ceilings – hang just below the ceiling or crown moulding. As with a small space between the window and ceiling, hanging at the ceiling level in will give the impression of higher ceilings and more space. 
  • Beautiful window mouldings – hang at, or just below the bottom of the moulding at the top of your window. If you’ve spent a fortune on your window mouldings, it’s unlikely you’ll want to cover them up – show them off instead!

Image courtesy Svilen Milev

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