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how to delete pages of a pdf document

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Press the Page Up and Page Down keys on the keyboard

Navigate with links Links can take you to another location in the current document, to other PDF documents, or to websitesClicking a link can also open file attachments and play 3D content, movies, and sound clips

how to delete pages of a pdf document

To play these media clips, you must have the appropriate hardware and software installedThe person who created the PDF document determines what links look like in the PDFNote: Unless a link was created in Acrobat using the Link tool, you must have the Create Links From URLs option selected in the General preferences for a link to work correctly

how to delete pages of a pdf document

Choose the Select toolPosition the pointer over the linked area on the page until the pointer changes to the hand with a pointing finger

how to delete pages of a pdf document

A plus sign (+) or a w appears within the hand if the link points to the web

Then click the linkScroll horizontally to change the views in the active pane and the pane above or below it

To restore single-pane view, choose Window > Remove SplitView a document in multiple windows You can create multiple windows for the same document using the New Window command

New windows have the same size, magnification, and layout as the original window and open at the same page and on top of the original windowWhen you open a new window, Acrobat adds the suffix 1 to the original filename and assigns the suffix 2 to the new window

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